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Few different ways to create a website

In the world of web design, there are many ways and algorithms for creating turnkey websites. Each developer has their own approach. In this article I will talk about my vision of creating a website that has the right to life.

A short introduction

This article does not claim to be instructions for use. It outlines my thoughts on how to create a website that is effective enough to attract clients to your business.

Constructor or other no-code solutions. Cheap, cheerful, fast!

When the task is to create a website quickly, in a several days, there are few options: a no-code solution, using a template or builders on a basic free management system.

No-code builders

This solution is interesting because it can be used without the involvement of a developer. Today there are quite a lot of website builders in the Internet that offer sufficient functionality and attractive design of websites. The most popular of them today: 

  • Tilda
  • Webflow

What makes this solution not so good in the long term is its cost. Such builders have a fairly high price per year, which is often higher than the price of developing a website based on a template from an outsourced developer.

If you need such a site for a short period of time, for example, when your main website is under construction or you urgently need a website for an event or a new niche test, and you do not have the skills to design a website from scratch and have a limited budget, no-code constructors are the best solution!

Solution cost: from 0 €* (free trail or ads on a free version)

Template without content management system

Also, one way to quickly create a presentable looking website is to use a template purchased from a website design marketplace such as Envato, or use a free template.

All websites require hosting and its cost is affordable, but there are also free options. One free option for hosting of static websites is Github.

The simplest option is to use a pre-designed website template without using a management system. And editing such a template can be done directly in GitHub or in any advanced text editor such as VSCode or Notepad++. These editors are free and available for download.

The biggest difficulty in editing a template in this way is to keep layouts unchanged and save a structure of a website unbroken.

Solution cost: from 0 €* (templates can be free to download)

Wordpress + builder

WordPress is a popular free website management system. You can purchase many different functional modules, themes, templates with built-in designers for it. Understanding how to use this control system is not difficult, but it will definitely take time.

You can also hire a developer to create a website using this management system, which will seriously save you time and nerves.

The disadvantages of developing a website on WordPress are:

  • Hidden costs that may appear when using themes with paid modules.
  • The speed of the management system, which, without the proper developer skills, can be significantly lower than any option offered on the market, and poor site speed means customers leaving.
  • The management system was conceived as a blog, so all functional modules that go beyond a simple website are compromise solutions that are assessed rather coldly by search engines like Google.
  • Like any dynamic website, a WordPress website requires hosting

Solution cost: from 100 €

The best option, the best money

Not the most budget-friendly, but definitely the best solution would be to hire a developer and create a turnkey website.

Professional solutions have affordable price and an amount of significant advantages:

  • Flexibility in creating any functional business solution.
  • You pay once, no updates, no management or support costs (if you have office and internet skills)
  • Significantly higher speed of the site, sometimes differing by hundreds or even thousands of times, which allows you to reduce the number of failures and departures of visitors due to the speed of site rendering.
  • An individual site management system will allow you to manage it without prior training, which will significantly save time.
  • Individual sites do not require constant updating of modules, which often entails additional costs for WordPress sites.
  • The site is fairly easy to expand, since individual solutions usually consist of independent modules that can be updated or modified in the shortest possible time and without disrupting the operation of the site.
  • A huge advantage of individual websites is easy integration with any third-party services and payment systems due to the easy expandability of the site.
  • Also, a huge advantage of an individual website is complete control and data security. You've often heard of websites built on WordPress or other open source management systems being hacked, making it easier for any attacker to find holes in the management system.
  • An important advantage is the fact of ownership of an individual website. The site belongs only to you, when, as a WordPress site, only part of the design and your personal content belongs to you.

The few disadvantages of individual websites include:

  • Development speed, which may not be significantly higher, but still higher.
  • Development costs may also be higher, but not always. But the price threshold for entry into individual websites is definitely higher than that of WordPress solutions.
  • An indirect disadvantage will be the search for a developer for a high-quality individual website, since it is easier to find a developer for a WordPress site. The other side of the coin is that WordPress developers are often less qualified.
  • Like any dynamic website, a custom website requires hosting too

Solution cost: from 300 €

Instead of a conclusion

Any of the above solutions have a right to exist. I did not consider non-working connections that would not be useful. But as a developer of individual websites for business, I certainly recommend investing a little more time and money in creating a website designed individually for you. The advantages of individual sites are obvious. This will not hit your budget, and you will get a thoughtful and convenient business solution that converts your visitors and clients.

Our agency specializes in the development of individual websites, startups, services and turnkey online stores. Our experience in development totals tens of thousands of hours and is confirmed by numerous positive reviews, and, importantly, the absence of unfinished projects and negative reviews. You can view my work in the portfolio section.

The estimated cost of our services can be seen in the services section or simply contact us and we will provide you with an offer with costs and terms on the day of your request.

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